Paul Hinrich Schladetzki (1738) and Telsche Karstens

Paul Hinrich Schladetzki and Telsche Karstens

Paul Hinrich Sladetzki was born in 9th June, 1738, in Heide to bricklayer Adolf and his wife Hedewig. 

Much later than his father before him, Paul did not marry until he was 32.  Perhaps this was because he had been engaged in setting up his very own farm, as he is listed as a Hausmann, which is German for farmer, when he does marry Telsche Karstens on 8th June, 1770, the day before his 33rd birthday.

Telsche was the daughter of Thede and Malehn Karstens, born 13th December, 1743 in Nordhadtedt.   Karsten is a low German form of Christian.  This is interesting given that the Prostestant reformation began in Dithmarschen from Meldof Cathedral in 1524.      When surnames were originally taken or assigned to people, it was usually to describe their occupation, where they lived, or some other characteristic.

Telsche was 27 when they married in Weddingstedt, which is 5klm north of Heide.

Nordhastedt coast of arms
  Telsche birthplace, Nordhastedt.  
Blazon: On a silver  background,  a female figure with bare feet wades in shallow water, wearing Old Dithmarschen dress with gold-fringed, golden embroidery with rich golden green coat holding a cut down halberd.
(A halberd is a two-handed pole weapon that came to prominent use during the 14th and 15th centuries. Possibly the word halberd comes from the German words Halm (staff), and Barte (axe) - in modern-day German, the weapon is called Hellebarde.  The halberd consists of an axe blade topped with a spike mounted .)

Where they married.  Weddingstedt coat of arms.
Above, a continuous silver St. Andrew's cross, below a blue scale.
There is an old church there called St Andrews.

Five years later we have the birth of their son Paul Hinrich Schladetsch, on 19th September, 1775 at Nordhastedt.  I believe there is at least 1 other son born who is name is Christian Frederick and this will be discussed further below.  Nordhastedt is still a farming rural community today.

In September 1775  many things were happening including… ( tbc)

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