Immigration to America - Claus Hinrich (1815)

Immigration to America

It was more common however for the majority of German emigrants to choose America, where German settlement had started in the 1620’s.  It was much cheaper and quicker journey, and cost less than half  of the trip to Australia.  Peoples wages where about £1-2 per year and it cost about £6 to sail to the USA but about £15 to get to Australia. 80-90% of German emigrants went to the USA, nevertheless Australia was the destination of a significant number of the remainder.

German population density in the United States, 1872

Claus Hinrich Schladetsch and Dora – starting the branch in America

Claus Hinrich (b. 1815, Schrum), the 3rd son of Paul Hinrich and Margaret Charlotte, married  Dora (est b. 1831).    They marry, and have four children:

Claus Hinrich, 18.6.1859, Busum
Heinr, 1865, Busum
George Frederich, 16.1.1866, Busum
Magnus Emile, 24.11.1867, Busum

The eldest son, Claus Hinrich (1859), immigrates to America in ____ (This needs checking I think).

Claus Hinrich (1815) and Dora follow to immigrate to US with their three young sons ( all born in Busum)  in 1874.    They departed via Hamburg, and LeHavre France on the Hammoma, arriving at New York on the 17th April, 1874 with their sons aged 9, 8 and 6. 

In the 1889 Toledo Ohio directory, Dora is listed as a widow  at 1203 French St.  This is only 15 years after arriving in America, and Dora is now 58.  Her son Heinr, has Americanised his name to Henry and is working as a clerk for company Brown, Eager and Co.

I think Heinr married Alma T. Schladetsch, b. 1861, d. 25.3.1943, Ohio.  Because in 1910 Alma is living in Ohio, with daughter Alice H. b. 1890 Ohio, who working as Stenographer.  Given that Heinr died on 22.11.1909, Ohio, this seems to fit.  Alma was born in Ohio.

Magnus.  In 1889 directory is boarding at same address as mother, and is a Machinist/Engineer at a Rolling Mill.  In 1896 Magnus, aged 29 and living in Toledo, traveled back from Hamburg to New York, on the Persia, a German ship.  This must mean he had made a trip back to Germany.  He later marries Louise (who’s mother and father were both born in Germany), has a son John born 1915, and works as a boat worker/ Engineer.  He is naturalized in 1889.   It is possible in 1899 he enlists with the US Navy (to be confirmed).    In 1910, Magnus is 41 and living again with mother Dorothy who is aged 79, widowed, in Toledo, Ohio. 

George F. (1866):  Marries Augusta  Louion ( born  9.11.1868, La Foutain, France, d. 15.1.1968, aged 99 in Ohio)  who immigrated from France to America in 1880.   Their children are all born Ohio:   
Bessie 1892
George H 1893, d. May 1973 Ohio
Pearl 1896, d. 16.9.96, Ohio
Robert 1910
Franklin 1911

In 1889 directory George F. is listed as a Furniture Finisher.   In 1900 Census, George and Ausugta as living with Bessie, 8, and George H., 7, and had 2 other children who were not living.   In 1910  they are still living in Toledo, Ohio, and George is 45, and a painter, living with Wife Augusta aged 41, daughter Bessie aged 18, and son George aged 16 who is working as a clerk.   In 1920, they are still living there, this time with Bessie and her husband Ray, and Robert and Franklin.

1st Generation of Schladetsch born in America

These are the grandchildren of Claus Hinrich (1815) and Dora Schladetsch who immigrated in 1874:

- Alice H. b. 1890 Ohio daughter of Heinr.  Heinr dies before 1910.  We have no other details of what Alice went on to do.
- John born 1915, Ohio, son of Magnus. 
- Bessie 1892 – Marries Ray Laney, and in 1920 they are living with George & Augusta in Lucas Ohio.
- George H 1893, d. May 1973 Ohio. Went on to have family, see below.
- Pearl 1896, d. 16.9.96, Ohio
- Robert 1910
- Franklin 1911

George Henry Schladetsch and Pearl Rose Pinney:

George Henry Schladetsch born 6th May, 1893, Ohio marries Pearl Rose Lee Pinney, born 26th August, 1896.  In WWI was drafted for the army, the draft reg. card describes him as tall, with blue    eyes.  Also drafted in WWII.  I am yet to find out if and where he served in either war.

They have children:
    Robert Donald Schladetsch, 19 April, 1919, d. 18.10. 1996, Ohio
    Franklin George Schladetsch, 28th December, 1913, died 15.8.1937 by drowning

Robert enlists 11.2.1942 for US Army, at Camp Perry Ohio, as a Private.  He had 1 year of college, and was a policeman in civil life, and unmarried.  

Second Generation of American born Schladetsch:

Franklin Schlandetsch and Lillian, and brother Robert Schladetsch and Lucia Stoll

Franklin marries in 19.3.1935 Lillian Pearl Bergman, and had Nancy Elizabeth born 30.3.1936, who died 4 days later due to water on the brain.   Poor Lilliam looses her daughter one year, then her husband the year following.  However, she did go on to remarry a Birmingham, and had three more children, all of whom are still living, although she passed away in 2004.

Robert marries in 29.8.1942 Lucia Catherine Stoll born 21.4.1923, and they have Dale Lynn Schladetsch, born 1.8.1948, and Barbara Joy born 26.12.1952.

Third generation of American born Schladetsch:

Dale Schladetsch and Kathryn Lukes

Dale Lynn Schladetsch marries on 7th June, 1986 to Kathryn Ann Lukes born 21st July, 1966.  They have three daughters:
Megan Amanda, 11.7.1992
Paige Mackenzie, 28.1.1996
Nicole Taylor, 7.12.1997

Other American Names, unplaced:

Dorothy L. Schladetsch, b. 1.6.1918, d. 3.3.2002, last address Pinellas, Florida
John M. Schladetsch, b. 9.3.1915, Ohio.  Enlists 1942, married, 4 yrs college.  d. 8.1.2003, Pinellas Florida
Thede Schladetsch, departed Hamburg on the Lincoln, 8.8.1884. B. abt 1860, age 24. Lived Hastedt, Holstein. Occupation, “Schreiber”  Arrived Grimsby, New York
Claudius G. Schladetsch, age 40, b. Nov 1859, in 1900 census boarding with Brand.  His occupation is as a Miner in Teller district, Colorado.  Mothers and Fathers birthplace was Germany.

Herbert Schladetsch b. 1916 immigrated 28.6.1935 at age 19
John Schladetsch, b. 1917, immigrated 1.6.1936, aged 19

John Thomas Schladetsch m. 18.3.1979 in Florida

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