Paul Hinrich (1843) and Alma Heitman : Descendants

Family & Descendants of Eldest Son Paul Hinrich (1843)

Paul Hinrich (1843)  marries Alma Heitman, and he is a farmer.  They have two sons, Johann (b. 6.10.1897, Luderdithmarschen, d. 20.6.1957, Nordfeld) and Paul Herman (b. 19.6.1886, Westerau, d. 11.8.1965, Grunenthal).

Johann marries and has a son Hans Otto ( b. 16.4.1932, Nordfeld) who marries Lisa Schramm ( b. 19.3.1936, Ohlen) in 2.12.1961 at Brunsbuttel.  They have two children Udo ( b. 25.8.1963, Heide), and Silke ( b. 13.6.1966).  Udo is still living on his parents farm.

The other son Paul Herman (1886), marries, and has two children Anna Hilda ( b. 13.8.1912, Gruenthal), who marries a Delfs, and Paul Hans ( b. 12.4.1915 Gruenthal, d. 1980, Westerau, who marries Magda Margareta Trede.  They have two sons Klaus Herman (b. 1947) and Paul Herman Gerhard ( b. 20.8.1949, Rendsburg). 

Klaus Herman ( 1947) marries and has son Stephan, who also has a child born 2010.

Paul Herman Gerhard ( 1949) marries Frauke Elisabeth Gonscherowski (b. 4.2.1951), in 10.9.1971.  They have two daughters, Nicole ( 2.8.1971, Rendsburg), and Yvonne ( 1.4.1978, Rendsburg).  Yvonne marries Bjorn Heide ( 3.7.1975) in 26.8.1998, and they have two boys Dustin and Eric.

Unknown second son born c. 1845

There is an unknown 2nd son born to Paul Christopher.    This information was received from Erna Schladetsch ( who married Speck). 

Unknown Schladetsch marries, and they have three sons:

Herman, b. 1893
Claus Hinrich, 3.12.1889, Westerau, marries and has family
Hans, 1891, Westerau – unmarried and lived on farm in Westerau

Claus Hinrich (1889), marries and has two children, being twins, born 18.2.1831, being Klaus  who died early, and Erna who marries and is still living in Albersdorf Village.  Erna remembers Egon Klaus (see below).

Family of Eldest son Paul Hinrich (1885)

Paul Hinrich ( c. 1885) marries and has two sons, Klaus and Heinrich.  Klaus has two daughters Telsche and Anke, who I do not have any further information about.   Heinrich was born about 1928 and he married  Joanna and had three children, Hans, Renate and Frauke.  Hans continues the family naming tradition, and has a son whom he named Hans Heinrich.  Hans is a builder and still lives on the family farm in Arkebek of grandfather Paul Hinrich, and Great Grandfather Claus Hinrich (1850).

My father, Klaus Egon, called his cousin Heinrich, “Heine”, and they saw each other on the farm in Arkebek regularly, usually to go and help out on the farm for some thing.  Heinrich died of a brain Haemorrhage.   He was survived by his wife Joanna who still lives on the family farm with her son Hans at Arkebek.

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