Paul Hinrich Schladetsch (1775) and Margreth Charlotta Christopher

Paul Hinrich Schladetsch and Margreth Charlotta Christopher

Paul Hinrich was likely to be the first born son of Paul Hinrich, born in 1775 Nordhastedt.  He married Margareth Charlotta Christopher on the 8th of October, 1807 at Meldorf, about 12 klms south of Nordhastedt, when he was 32 years old.  He continues the tradition of his father of both marrying slighty older, and also of being a farmer.  His wife was born on the 31st October, 1783, so she was only 24 and 8 years younger than Paul.  She was from Sarzbuttel, which is about 6 klms south of Nordhastedt.

The emblem of Sarzbuttel is very striking with 2 swans,
standing on a green field, with blue and silver waves, and
3 green leaves.
Paul and Margreth’s farm was in Schrum, which is about 5 klms north east from Nordhastedt.   They lived here all their life, and all their 9 children were born here:

Telsche and Paul Christopher, Twins, 28th July 1809
Christian Frederich, 1810
Antje, 1811
Anna Catharina,  25.12.1815
Claus Hinrich, 1815
Johann, 1816
Tede, 1817, died 1818
Tede II, 1820, died 1821

 - Telsche marries Paulsen and her son immigrates to Australia. ( see seperate entry)
 - Claus Hinrich marries, and immigrates to USA with wife and sons. (see seperate entry)
 - Paul Christopher marries, and has sons, of whom the Schladetsch line in Germany continues.
 - Anna Catharina marries Hans Christian Harbeck (Son of Jasper Harbeck and Margaretha Anthony) on 3.3.1876, age 61 at Albersdorf, he dies 3 years later 22.5.1879, she dies 4 years following 4.10.1883
At this stage we do not know anything further about Antje, or Johann.

Cousins marry Cousins?

Anna Catharina’s cousin, Catharina Margaretha Schladetsch,  is born 20.6.1816 at Nordhastedt.  She marries Marx Harbeck on 22.9.1837 at Nordhastedt.
Her parents are: Christian Friedrich Schladetsch and Marlene Claasen
His parents are: Marx Harbeck and Hoebe Karstens

Unable to really get a picture of the connection here but we know the two cousins, marry perhaps Uncle and Nephew of Harbeck family, or possibly cousins, or 2nd cousins.

2nd son of Paul Hinrich (1738) - Christian Friedrich Schladetsch and Marlene Claasen

Christian marries Marlene (Lena) Classen (Or Claasen?)  29.4.1806, and they have children:

possibly G.H. Schladetsch, possibly c. 1807
Claus Frederich who is born  28.3.1814, at Busum.  – has family
Catharina Margaretha Schladetsch, born 20.6.1816 at Nordhastedt, who marries (see above)

 Busum is directly on the coast, and is about ____ klms from Nordhastedt.

Claus  Frederich (1814) has two sons:
Claus Frederich, born  1864
Adolf Wilhelm, born 7.11.1856, Busum

Both sons  immigrate to US around 1870's, and Adolf  is a baker.   Adolf was granted permission for emigration in 1871, however Claus was accused in 1884 of illegal immigration, although absent.  I am not sure yet what this means, and will need to do further research.

Their father Claus Friederich  (1814) also put in an application to immigrate, although it is unknown if he did go. 

Adolf Wilhelm marries Dora ( b. 7.9. 1853) and they immigrate to Ohio, USA, in 1870, where  they have three children:
Wilhelm,  11/83, Ohio
Dora, 7.2.1888, Ohio

Adolf was a carpenter, and could read and write English, but in the 1900 census is unable to speak  English.  The children attend school, and he owned his own house in Denver Colorado. 

The Sea Captain, G.H.  Schladetsch

The Sir Isaac Newton, sailing ship.

G.H.  Schladetsch, is possibly also related to this Busum family, given it’s coastal location.    See appendix 1. For a picture of the ship, and a transcript of the oath sworn by G.H. Schladetsch as captain of the Sir Isaac Newton for it’s List of Passengers.  He captained this ship from 1852 – 1854.  From this we can assume a birth or around 1800 – 1810 or thereabouts, and so could be son of Christian and Marlene, who married in 1806, placing his birth c. 1807.  I have not been able to find any other information about him.

The Hamburg bark SIR ISAAC NEWTON was built at Lübeck by the shipwright Hans Jacob Albrecht Meyer, for the Hamburg shipowner Robert Miles Sloman, in 1839 [Bielbrief (certificate of registry), 25 April 1839]. 149 Commerzlasten; no measurements given.
Masters:      1839-1842 - J. Wendt      1842-1844 - J. C. Wienholtz      1845-1846 - P. B. Matzen      1847-1852 - J. H. Niemann      1852-1854 - G. H. Schladetsch      1854-1855 - H. P. Rickleffs      1855-1857 - C. Christiansen      ....

The SIR ISAAC NEWTON was sold in 1864 to Swedish owners, her new master being Capt. Dieckmann.
Source: Walter Kresse, ed., Seeschiffs-Verzeichnis der Hamburger Reedereien, 1824-1888, Mitteilungen aus dem Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte, N. F., Bd. 5 (Hamburg: Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte, 1969), Bd. 2, S. 207.

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