Family of 3rd son Willy Schladetsch born 1888

Willy with wife
Willy was the third son of Calus Hinrich (1850), and was born in Arkebek on 25.4.1895.  He married Frieda Thedans ( born 31.5.1896).

Egon remembers that Willy had a ‘pub’, which needs to be confirmed.

Willy and Frieda had two children, Hilde and Ernest Claus Christoph, born 15.11.1923 in Eddelak.   Ernst died in 1992.  He married Wilhelmine, and they had four children:

Volker, Eddelak
Hilde, Brunsbuttel

Volker married and had a son Jorn who married Silke.
Walter married Anke, and has three daughters, Jan, Nina, and Katrin.  Katrin has married and has 1 son Jannes.
Hilde was the youngest child, and she married and has two children Thorsten, and Kirstin.

Jannes is the 11th generation of the Schladetsch line; traced back to 1675, over 366 years of Schladetsch families all living within the same small region, and up until recent times, within a 10 km radius

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