Paul Christopher Schladetsch (1809) and Anna Margreta

Paul Christopher Schladetsch and Anna Margreta 

Paul Christopher was the first born son of Paul Hinrich (b. 1775), and was a twin to Telsche.   There were nine children altogether.  We have already looked at Telsche, and her  son who immigrated to Australia, and  their brother, fourth born child Claus who marries and immigrates to America.  We know that sister Anna married at elast once, although being so late in her life, this may also be a second marriage.      Nothing yet is known about  the other siblings; Christian, Antje,   or Johan.  We do know that two sons, both named Tede died in infancy.

Born in Schrum, it appears Paul stays in Schrum, most likely as a farmer, and his sons are also born in Schrum.

Schrum is still a small faming community, with green fields, and small areas of trees, and dams or maybe they are ponds.

Paul married Anna Margreta Hoetorf ( date & place unknown), and they have at least three children:

Paul Hinrich, born 1843, Schrum – who goes on to marry and have family
Unknown son born c. 1845 - who goes on to marry and have family
Claus Hinrich, b. 1850, Schrum - who goes on to marry and have family

All the living descendants of Schladetsch that I have so far been able to identify are descended from this Claus Hinrich born 1850.  All the living Descendants of Schladetsch in America that I have found  and identified are descended from the Claus Hinrich born 1815.

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